The GetRight brand was founded by Nathaniel Williams who is Caribbean Canadian and Bijour Kamangajo who is Burundian. The GetRight brand was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada where both Nathaniel and Bijour currently reside.

Nathaniel is a certified personal trainer who began training Bijour as she started a goal towards a healthier lifestyle. The GetRight brand was born from a conversation between a personal trainer( Nathaniel ) and a then client( Bijour) about what it meant to wear and find the right activewear. The conversation proceeded to showcase what it is like being a woman today. Finding the right fit and loving your body in that fit can be difficult. In his line of work, Nathaniel heard all the complaints about what features activewear lacked in the current market. Being that Bijour loves fashion, the two decided to combine Nathaniel's personal training knowledge with Bijour's eye for style and comfort.

The two have set out to create activewear that every BODY type deserves to be shown off in. The GetRight mission is to bring together the fashion lovers and the fitness lovers. GetRight is proud to join the body positivity movement. The brand features women of all SIZES, SHAPES, COLOURS and BACKGROUNDS. At GetRight, INCLUSIVITY is our number one Priority.